Chakra Essenzen

Pavel Kaiser ist ein tschechischer Blütenessenzen Experte, der seinen Kunden und Klienten schon eine ganze Zeit lang Chakra Essenzen gab, bevor er selbst einmal eine Chakra-Kur machte, d.h. pro Woche eine Chakra Essenz beginnend vom Basis Chakra einnahm.
Die schrieb er mir anschliessend:

Hello, Dirk,
how are you doing? We were talking about you a lot in last few weeks! I
decided to go through a thorough chakra healing and used all the chakras,
one at a time for a week, starting from the first one. I had great
results!!! I call it „a million essences“. I made a lot of changes in my
life and also initiated some major changes in our family.
So I wanted to thank you a lot and let you know that the essences are really
I kept notes of the situations that were coming and then I made a mailing
with „An Intime Confession of Chakra Essences Swallower Pavel  K.“ and sent
it to all of our registered customers. Some of them ordered the whole set so
it brought some sales, too.
Have a nice day,
Pavel Kaiser.

Die Chakren

Das geht einem natürlich runter wie Butter.
Danke, Pavel

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